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join the trip of a lifetime

Local travel

From unique road trips across South Texas for various video shoots, you are in for fun time with the crew!

detailed orientation

Our team is equipped to bring out the best in you! As a start-up we are focused on making all content stand out.


So when it comes to audience, we are focused on growing on Youtube. However, perks of the job is we oversee the entire South Texas Brokerage for Cutco so we have an audience to help us brand as we grow and many other things.


Our group is looking for models, videographers, helping hands that are sharp. So as we grow from a start up phase to a profiting phase, don't be surprised if we sit down and talk about potential earnings, future salaries, or even the idea of equity in the company we are building!


Our start up phase is like any other, high cost, little to no profits and lot's of time. However, our team is committed to saving any profits to eventually grow large enough to produce a pay-roll and have true contracted partnerships! Our owner's have a proven track record of creating high-profitable businesses and excited to do the same here.

private plane rides!

Another perk about working with us, is we have our own pilot! Every once in a while a shoot we need is to far to drive to, and you can be jumping on a plane with our team!